Professional Team


Specialist – Dr Brian James BDSc, MDSc (QLD) (Periodontics) FRACDS FPFA


Dr Brian E James is one of Australia’s most accomplished dental practitioners, and a leading authority on periodontics and the latest in periodontal treatment.

After graduating from the University of Queensland in 1987, Dr James served three years in the Royal Australian Air Force as a dental officer, before attaining his Fellowship of the Royal Australian College of Dental Surgeons (FRACDS), in general stream in 1991.

During 1990 – 1992 Dr James worked in the private sector in Murwillumbah NSW and Chelmsford in the United Kingdom, completing his Masters degree in 1995.

A current member of the Australian Dental Association, Australian Society of Periodontology (past federal president of the society), Australian and New Zealand Academy of Periodontics, the American Academy of Periodontology and the Academy of Osseointegration.

Brian has lectured extensively at conferences and seminars on Dental Implant techniques, with particular focus on tissue management and the latest developments on periodontal therapy, and effective practice management at local, state and federal levels. Brian has trained North Queensland dentists in implant treatment procedures.

Brian was involved in the establishment of the JCU Dental school.  From 2009-2013 he was Adjunct Associate Professor of Periodontology, writing the original undergraduate curriculum in Periodontics, and providing pre-clinical teaching in Simulation Laboratory.

In 2013, Brian became the first specialist Periodontist in Australia to become certified in regenerative laser therapy with the LANAP Protocol (Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure).  This technique uses Periolase NdYAG laser, and can regenerate lost bone and connective tissue attachment.  Patients find the procedure less invasive and less uncomfortable than traditional surgical treatment protocols, resulting in less tooth sensitivity and less gum recession.

Brian and his wife Andrea moved to Cairns in September 2005 and have three children, two boys and a girl.  Andrea was in the first cohort of graduates from the new JCU Dental school.

Specialist– Dr. Behrooz Eftekhar


Dr. Behrooz Eftekhar, or 'Dr. Ben' as he is affectionately known by his colleagues and patients, joined Cairns Periodontics in 2015 and fast became a very valued and respected member of our team. Our patients have embraced him as a very caring, extremely professional and thorough practitioner. He is employed as a Specialist Endodontist with our Practice.

He is a member of the Australian Dental Association and the Australian Society of Endodontology.

Behrooz has his Specialist Endodontist Registration Licence in Australia and had his Iranian Endodontics Speciality License in Iran.  

Dr. Behrooz Eftekhar graduated from Shiraz Dental School (Shiraz Iran) in 1994 as the highest graduating student of that year.

He commenced his post graduate Endodontics studies at Shiraz Dental School in 1994 and completed his Master's Degree in 1997 ranking 3rd overall on the National Board Exam.

As an Iranian Board Certified Endodontist he was offered the position of Lecturer and Assistant Professor of Endodontics at Jondishaper University in Ahwaz, Iran, while also establishing his Private Practice where he practised for over 15 years until his move to Australia in 2014.

Whilst in Iran, Behrooz performed over a recorded 6000 Root Canal Therapies and has been published over a dozen times in Persian and International Journals. He was a member of the Iranian Medical Council, Iranian Association of Endodontics. He was also a Senior Lecturer for CPD courses held by the Ahwaz Dental School and numerous National Endodontics Conferences conducted by the Iranian Association of Endodontics.

Behrooz and his beautiful young family moved to Australia in 2014 where he successfully passed his Australian Dental Council (ADC) Exams and fulfilled all of the ADC criteria required by the Dental Board of Australia to practice in Australia as a General Dentist.

Cairns Periodontics feels so grateful and privileged to have such a wonderful professional join their very busy team; Dr. Ben has certainly endeared himself to all our staff and patients alike. We are so very glad he decided to join our little team.

Published Articles

Effect of Ledermix and a New Formulated Medicament on Enterococcus Faecails (In Vitro). - B. Eftekhar

Effects of Reciproc, Mtwo and ProTaper Instruments on Formation of Root Fracture. - B. Eftekhar

Evaluating the effectiveness of Iranian and Korean injectable intracanal calcium hydroxide on Candida albicans, in vitro - B. Eftekhar

The Effectiveness of Home Water Purification Systems on the Amount of Fluoride in Drinking Water - B. Eftekhar

Evaluation of Hydroxyl Ion Diffusion in Dentin and Injectable Forms and a Simple Powder-Water Calcium Hydroxide Paste: An in Vitro Study - B. Eftekhar

Comparison of the Analgesic Efficacy of OdontopasteÒ and a Compound with Similar Formulation as Intracanal Medicaments - B. Eftekhar

Analgesic Effect of Odontopaste and a Compound Intracanal Medicament Between Root Canal Therapy Appointments - B. Eftekhar

General Dentist – Dr. Samuel Hickman

Practice Restricted to Prosthodontics

Dr. Sam Hickman was born and raised in Ottawa Canada.  After graduating with a Bachelor of Science from Carleton University he moved to Australia to study dentistry at the University of Sydney.  Upon completion of his degree Sam spent four years working and living in Darwin, NT and Jervis Bay, NSW.  It was at this time he developed an interest in complex dental cases and saw the life changing impact he could have rehabilitating and rebuilding patients with advanced dental needs.  After investigating specialty programs all over the world Sam decided to study prosthodontics at the University of Minnesota.  The program had a very strong focus on providing the skills necessary to treat patients from start to finish in one location. This saves the patient from visiting multiple offices for stages of care such as extractions, grafts, implant placements, final restorations, and finally ongoing maintenance. This also allows a closer relationship to be formed between Sam and his patients that helps to foster a comfortable, trusting environment. 


In his final year of residency, Sam was selected to be the chief resident of the prosthodontic department, as a representative for the program, assisting junior residents and dental students, as well as liaising between patients, residents, and faculty.  During his time at UMN Sam was also responsible for instructing dental students in their clinical training. This opportunity allowed Sam to see an even wider variety of cases, and seldom, their associated complications.  


Treatment wise, Sam has a strong focus on rebuilding and replacing broken down or missing teeth.  There are a multitude of restorative options ranging from a conventional denture and crowns through to the more complex prosthesis involving dental implants.  Sam takes time to educate his patients on their options to help select the best treatment for their specific needs. Sam likes to work with the patient, their existing dental & medical providers, specialist, and local dental labs to develop and customise the best possible outcome to restore esthetics, function, and comfort for his patient's both clinically and financially. 


Outside of dentistry Sam enjoys all of the sports Canada is known for; skiing, snowboarding, and ice hockey. Having few local options for such activities, Sam has taken to exploring the area and has been trying to spend as much time outdoors as he can. He has a keen interest in visiting new places and is always interested in hearing of new areas to explore.


For local dentists, Sam welcomes any opportunity to collaborate on cases.  This can involve anything from him taking the lead to simply providing some constructive feedback or advice.  If you would like to discuss observing a procedure or are just curious about a concept please do not hesitate to contact our Practice. 


For local students interested in a career in dentistry, Sam is open to discussing shadowing opportunities with prior patient approval. He found shadowing was an important part of deciding whether to pursue a career in dentistry and is more than happy to accommodate. 


Carleton University
Ottawa, Canada
Bachelor of Science

University of Sydney
Sydney, NSW
Bachelor of Dentistry

University of Minnesota
Minneapolis, Minnesota
Specialty Certificate in Prosthodontics
Masters of Science in Dentistry (Candidate)

Core Services:

  • Pre-Prosthetic:
    • Restorability assessment
    • Bone grafting
    • Extraction and ridge preservation
    • Sinus lift (direct and indirect)
  • Single, multiple unit, and full arch implants cases:
    • Planning
    • Prosthetically driven implant surgery
    • Restoration (custom abutment design/occlusion/issue)

*I am willing to perform just one or all of the stages of the above (i.e.: Planning and placement followed by referral back to dentist for restoration or planning through to the final restoration).  

In addition, if a\the local referring dentist is interested in learning how to plan and place or restore dental implants from a surgical prosthodontics standpoint, I am willing to work with them one-on-one to help educate them on the process.

  • Full Arch Implant Supported and Retained prostheses (Planning, surgical and restorative components):
    • All-On-4 (Hybrid/Zirconia/PAEK)
    • Conventional implant over dentures (ie locator/o-ring)
    • Conus overdentures

Additional Services:

  • Maxillofacial Prosthodontics (obturators/palatal lift appliances/etc.)
  • Veneers/Full Mouth Rehabilitation
  • Ailing and failing implant assessment and management
  • Fractured screw removal
  • Restoration of zygomatic implants
  • Conventional removable prostheses (Complete and partial dentures with or without implants)

For lab technicians:

  • Surgical guide design/fabrication
  • Assistance in converting full arch prosthesis to provisional All-On-4
  • Bar design
  • Processing acrylic to milled titanium bar
  • Occlusion support
*I am happy to have the referring dentist be as much or as little a part of their patient’s treatment as they would prefer.  If they are interested in learning more about any of the services I offer I’m willing to meet with them and discuss possible options for their patients.