Cairns Periodontics


Dr. Brian James, a born and bred Queenslander, commenced specialist practice restricted to Periodontics and implant dentistry in Townsville in 1996, with a team of one dental assistant and a part-time receptionist.  He travelled to branch practices in Mackay and later Cairns for many years.  As his practice grew, and expanded, he took on more staff and a Dental Hygienist.

In 2005, the practice grew to the point where it needed additional room, and considerable difficulty was encountered finding suitable space in Townsville.  Around this time, the permanently based Periodontist in Cairns retired, and following consultation with his family, the decision was made to move north.

From humble beginnings, the Cairns practice has flourished, and now occupies purpose-constructed rooms and has three surgeries.  The practice has been featured in Dental Practice Magazines, and is a credit to the design team.  The overall goal of a peaceful, harmonious environment, where patients and staff alike will feel cared for and secure has been achieved.

Practice Fees

Cairns Periodontics employs a “no surprise policy when it comes to fees for professional services.  Patients are advised beforehand what consultation fees will be, and following treatment plan, details of costs, item numbers and appointments are provided.

The fees charged are based upon complexity, time and components utilized and are consistent with fees charged in other centres around Australia.  The practice employs state of the art equipment, and whilst our fees are not the lowest in Australia, we believe our patients feel they get excellent value for money.

Payment Options

Payment for professional services may be made by way of cash, cheque, credit card (MasterCard, Visa, American Express) or EFTPOS.  Interest free credit facility is available through Care Credit and may be applicable for eligible applicants.  Appointments are settled on the day, or in advance.  For larger treatment plans (dental implant cases), a courtesy adjustment may be offered for payment in full prior to commencement of treatment.  Written payment arrangements with the practice may be organised on occasion, and should be organised prior to commencement of treatment.  Please consult the staff following your consultation appointment if this appeals.




A comment about Private Dental Insurance.

Cairns Periodontics has no relationships with Private Dental Insurance companies.  For the period of operation of his specialist practice, Dr. James has noticed that rebates for periodontal procedures, which were initially very low as compared to other dental procedures, have failed to keep pace with inflation and increases in cost of practice operation.  Unfortunately, patients are generally disappointed in the amounts of money rebated by dental insurance companies, and this is out of the hands of the staff at Cairns Periodontics.  We will make every effort to assist patients in interactions with their funds, but in the end, the relationship is between the patient and the fund, and not between Cairns Periodontics and the fund.  As a result of this failure on the part of the funds to adequately recognise the value and importance of periodontal and dental implant services, Cairns Periodontics does NOT offer direct electronic rebate collection (HICAPS) from the funds.  We apologise if this causes inconvenience.  We appreciate accounts being settled by the patient, and appropriate paperwork can then be forwarded by the patient to their fund.